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​​Anyone who's ever imagined, created, or played pretend as a child knows the importance of a magic wand. For Jessica Hair, makeup - mascara in particular - has been her wand of choice.

Magically creating flawless lashes coupled with the passion of make-up, transformation became Jessica's obsession. It was the perfect medium to bridge the magic of imagination and expression of beauty in a way every one wanted to connect with. By 15, she was transforming faces and enrolling her circle of friends, family, and acquaintances in the sheer fun of Friday night rituals. "Before going out, have your face done by Jessica," and she loved it!

What began as serious play and raw talent, developed into passion and drive. Starting out in Dallas as a makeup artist to top modeling agencies lead to opportunities in New York, Hawaii, and California. As luck (and hard work) would have it, Jessica found herself at the heart of a major cosmetic company in NYC, working next to some of the biggest make-up artists in the industry.

Jessica has also trained others in the artistry of her makeup talent, sharing the magical techniques she learned throughout her professional career and staying current with the industry's innovative products.

She's had the pleasure of bringing her gifts to: television, film, theatre, celebrity, music, fashion, and bodypainting, working with top names and faces. Jessica has recently launched her newest business venture; an independent make-up service based in Los Angeles, highlighting her true specialty - bringing undeniable beauty from within any individual to the surface for all to admire. Her background lends the experience to make it happen.

Jessica never stops learning, and is truly grateful for the gift of make-up artistry she possesses to share with others.